About Pró Dança

Association Pro-Dança (APD) was established in June 2009 and was qualified as a social organization of culture, on October 30th, 2009, by the act published in the Official Gazette no. 204 of 31 October 2009, p. 01.

The Pro-Dance Association has three Councils (Administration, Fiscal and Consulting), formed by people of notorious knowledge in different areas of knowledge and interested in the production, dissemination and support of dance. The members of the Administrative Councils are the following: Ricardo Uchoa Alves Lima (President), Rachel Coser (Vice President), Ana Grisanti de Moura, Ana Maria Diniz, Andrea Calabi, Celso Curi, Daniel Reca, Danilo Santos de Miranda, Eduardo Saron, Elisa Marsiaj Gomes, Eugênia Gorini Esmeraldo, Flavia Regina de Souza Oliveira, Gioconda Bordon, José de Oliveira Costa, Letícia Forattini Martins and Luciano Cury. Are  part of the Fiscal Council the following: Helio Nogueira da Cruz (President), Iside Maria Labate Maiolini Mesquita,  José Carlos de Souza Santos and Eduarda Bueno (surrogate). Pró-Dança has a Consulting Council formed by Rodolfo Villela Marino (Presidente, Anna Beatriz Galvão, Eduardo Toledo Mesquita, Eric Alexander Klug, Fernando José de Almeida, Jorj Petru Kalman, José Fernando Perez, Lygia da Veiga Pereira Carramaschi, Maria do Carmo Abreu Sodré Mineiro, Maria Cristina Frias, Ricardo Campos Caiuby Ariani and Walter Appel. Pro-Dança had as its artistic directors, from its creation until April 2012, Iracity Cardoso and Inês Bogéa. It is currently directed by Inês Bogéa. Associate members of Pro-Dança are:Ana Grisanti de Moura, Arnaldo Vuolo, Debora Duboc Garcia, Eduardo Saron, Elisa Marsiaj Gomes, Eric Alexander Klug, Eugênia Gorini Esmeraldo, Gioconda Bordon, Henri Philippe Reichstul, Inês Vieira Bogéa, Jorj Petru Kalman, José de Oliveira Costa, José Fernando Perez, Luca Baldovino, Luciano Cury, Lygia da Veiga Pereira Carramaschi, Maria do Carmo Abreu Sodré Mineiro, Ricardo Campos Caiuby Ariani, Ricardo Cavalieri Guimarães, Ricardo Uchoa Alves Lima, Rodolfo Villela Marino, Suzana Maria Salles França Pinto and Walter Appel.

The association’s activity is the management of São Paulo Companhia de Dança, in agreement with the Secretary of Culture in December 2009 and again in 2014 and 2019.

São Paulo is a repertory company, that is, it performs a wide range of pieces of artistic excellence, which include works of the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries – the great classical and modern pieces to contemporary works especially created by national and international choreographers for the Company. Since 2008, the São Paulo Companhia de Dança, with 32 dancers nowadays, have been viewed by an audience of more than 762 thousand people in approximately 145 different cities in Brazil and others 17 countries.

The diffusion of dance – production and circulation of performances – is the main core of work of the SPCD. The Educational Programs and Theatre Training for Dance, is another strand of the SPCD’s work- in every city we go we seek to engage with people who appreciate and practice the art of dance. In our Lecture For Teachers we are afforded the opportunity to enter into dialogue on the periphery of this art; in dance workshops, a meeting to experience the daily life of the SPCD dancers and we also run Free Shows for Students and Senior Citizens with the aim of encouraging people to see, hear and understand the world through dance and also learn about the Dança em RedeDança em Rede is an online dance encyclopedia available on the Company’s website where we have mapped the cities SPCD has been to. The Company also promotes spaces where those interested in dance art can share their experiences. Furthermore, the SPCD created the International Seminar on Dance, which aims to address the practice of dance from different perspectives as well as the São Paulo Companhia de Dança International Workshop, an event that provides an artistic environment, allowing theoretical and practical study of a wide range of dance techniques.

Dance has many stories, and to reveal some of them the Company created the documentary series Figuras da Dança, which brings us the art of dance as told by those who lived it. The series currently has 35 episodes: Ismael Guiser (1927-2008), Ivonice Satie (1950- 2008), Ady Addor, Marilena Ansaldi, Penha de Souza, Ruth Rachou, Luis Arrieta, Hulda Bittencourt, Tatiana Leskova, Angel Vianna, Antonio Carlos Cardoso, Carlos Moraes (1936-2015), Décio Otero, Márcia Haydé, Sônia Mota, Ana Botafogo, Célia Gouvêa, Lia Robatto, Marilene Martins, Ismael Ivo, Edson Claro (1949-2013), Hugo Travers, J.C Violla, Cecília Kerche, Eva Schul, Janice Vieira, Eliana Caminada, Mara Borba, Jair Moraes (1946-2016), Paulo Pederneiras, Nora Esteves, Maria Pia Finocchio, José Possi Neto, Aracy Evans and Tíndaro Silvano. The SPCD has also published seven rehearsal books and documentaries for teachers and other professionals.